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Protecting your files against Cryptolocker Several newspapers and tech sites have covered the Cryptolocker virus over the past few days. One newspaper stated that we all have ‘two weeks to save [our] computers’. So what is Cryptolocker and how can you protect your PC? CTA Cloud Backup Services for just £5 Per Month –   […]

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Why Choose Cloud Backups?

At CTA Systems we are proud to offer one of our latest services – Our Unlimited Cloud Backups Imagine that you are working away on your computer and suddenly the screen goes black or a fatal error appears on the screen, you attempt to restart the machine but are met with a message such as “No […]

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What is a computer virus?

Believe it or not a new virus is released on average every 30 Seconds There are literally millions of viruses doing the circuit and also a lot of hoax viruses which cause what are known as “mailstorms”, which is where you receive an email where someone is telling you to “watch out for this virus”. […]

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