Wireless Networking

CTA Systems set up and install secure wireless networks for your home or business.

Secure wireless networking installation and upgrades

Wireless networking has become the most cost effective and simple solution to getting all your computers and devices, including smart TVs, on the internet and of course joined together. Wireless networking goes a lot further than just being able to surf the net, you can share files, music, movies, pictures etc wirelessly between devices or computers, and also print from anywhere in the building.

Security is crucial

The crucially important factor of wireless networking is to make sure the network is secure. We have found on many occasions that neighbours are sharing your broadband internet totally for free, in one case they had been doing it for two years. Without a secure wireless network anyone can simply park up outside your home or business and hack into your network. Many people don’t see how this could be harmful as they are under the impression that it would only give them access to the internet, this is simply not the case. They can access your PC, files, data, personal information etc.

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